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Advanced Back Fill Compound


Product Details

Earth enhancement material is a superior conductive material that improves earthing effectiveness, especially in areas of poor conductivity (rocky ground, areas of moisture variation, sandy soils etc.). It improves conductivity of the earth electrode and ground contact area. Our Soil Resistivity Improvement Powder is a conductive improver and specially developed for good quality of highly conduciveness with following salient features and benefits. Non corrosive, absorbing & retaining the moisture and reduces the soil resistivity Faster dissipation of fault current, least fluctuation of ohmic value and it eliminates the use of salt & charcoal These are earth enhancement compounds which have different properties depending on soil and other atmospheric conditions. Essentially, an ideal BFC has high electrical conductivity, moisture capture and retention abilities and anti-corrosive properties. It works in tandem with the Safe Earthing Electrode. Together both form the efficient earthing system.

  • It makes conductive layer around the electrode.
  • Keeps the soil moisturized/ wetted for the longer time.
  • No need to pouring water time to time as like conventional methods.
  • It comes in 5Kg, 15Kg and 25Kg packing on demanding.
  • It is non-explosive compound and used only for the earthing system.